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Pre Sales

Meetings, regarding products, projects, and technology, organized with our certified system engineers in order to provide support for our business partners and for our business partners’ sales processes to their customers.

Technical works that are made in order to meet customer requests, reveal our solutions’ technological advantages that makes difference and demonstrate the undertaken services / specifications.

Technical and administrative specifications listed by customers, especially in sales processes that involve bids, are reviewed and appropriate products/services are positioned by our experinced system engineers. Proposals are confirmed or revised if needed.

The product / service lists are offered by our certified and experienced system engineers according to the competitive conditions, in order to meet the customer needs and provide them the best solutions.

Training documents, project documents or introduction documents including technological functions of the products, prepared according to customer requests.

Local and global market analysis in order to determine the strengths of the products we represent, and share them with partners and customers.

Trainings focused on technology, products and sales, organized to provide competitive advantage to our partners.