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Human Resources

Why Prolink?

Our company, which adopts innovation and difference as a principle, is a big family under the roof of Prolink with all its employees. Teamwork is our greatest strength.

We see all our employees as our common and core values. Together with you, we can make our company stronger now and in the future. Great journeys begin with strong and sure steps. We are ready to go on this journey with you.

Our HR Vision and Policy

To place the right people in the right job, to ensure the professional development of our employees, to maintain our long-term cooperation with our employees and to be a company with happy employees where success is rewarded.

Our Apps Selection and Placement Process

The most important resource behind the success of Prolink is its employees. In this direction, it is a comprehensive process that is carried out meticulously in order to place the right people for the positions opened within the company.

Applications You May Encounter During the Recruitment Process

- Competency Based Interviews
- Group interviews
- Foreign Language Test Applications
- Behavior and General Ability Tests
- Vehicle Driving Test Applications

Career Development

Career Development is a continuous process carried out to achieve long-term strategies and goals.


Career development of our employees is supported with different training opportunities, short/long term rotations and various projects provided at home and abroad according to the needs of the employees.

Because we believe that only people add value to Prolink.

Open positions

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