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About Us

In collaboration with pioneering and visionary producers in the field, Prolink, one of the value-add distributors of the IT sector in Turkey, operates by the principle of offering the most advanced and up-to-date technology, in the most effective manner to its customers.

Providing scalable services in line with the needs and expectations of the customers within the fields it has been focusing on, Prolink offers solutions with its technical staff of specialists, strong financial structure, and marketing activities and thus contributes to its business partners network’s rapid growth and power in project management.

Prolink has created a strong channel structure by providing technical back up, consultancy, and training support within the scope of the good relations it has established with its business partners as a result of the efforts of its experienced channel directors who have been analyzing the needs of the industry and customers.

Our Values



  • To bring network, storage, open source and security solutions to the Turkish Marketplace in a professional manner.

Turkey's Leading and Solution-Oriented IT Distributor

Pioneering for 25 years on a strong and reliable foundation, with innovative attention to new collaborations and relentless focus on customer satisfaction, Prolink continues to be the leader in the IT industry.


  • To be the leader in the IT Industry, providing the best and latest technology.