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Skyhigh Security is created because, in this cloud-first world, people are still using the same old approach to protecting their data. Even though the cloud’s promise is to relieve the burden on IT, security solutions have not kept up. All around the world we deployed the cloud because it’s easy. Protecting the data should be easy too.

Skyhigh was among the first to recognize the cloud’s potential and knew that protecting data in this new hybrid world required an entirely new approach. Skyhigh makes managing your web and unifying your data policies easy to create and enforce, giving you a single console to provide visibility across all of your infrastructures.

Skyhigh goes beyond data access and focuses on data use, allowing organizations to collaborate from any device and from anywhere without sacrificing their security, by securing web and cloud usage, connecting and securing remote workers, identifying and protecting sensitive information, and detecting and mitigating risks that can damage your company’s reputation.




Network and Data Security

It is important for companies to ensure data security as a whole. Ensuring data security, which is extremely important for both companies and users

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It can be provided effectively with the policies to be created on the device or software.

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Data Storage and Backup

Controls should start with the provision of controlled access to company resources at the outermost layer, and in this context, they should contribute to the effective use of resources.

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