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Skybox Security

Best-in-class Cybersecurity Management Software

Established in 2002, Skybox® Security is a privately held company with worldwide sales and support teams serving an international customer base of more than 500 enterprises in over 50 countries. The software uses analytics to prioritize on organization’s risk exposures and recommends informed action to best address those exposures. These capabilities extend across highly complex networks, including those in physical, virtual, cloud and operational technology (OT) environments. By integrating with more than 150 networking and security technologies, the company’s broad platform, the Skybox, enables organizations to reduce security risks that attackers can find and exploit, such as device misconfigurations and policy violations, as well as exposed and unpatched vulnerabilities.

Skybox, provides services through its own platform in solutions such as network, firewall, vulnerability management and change management. Skybox, with its security risk management solutions; network vulnerabilities, performance analysis, firewall configuration errors, What-if scenarios, attack escalation analysis, vulnerability analysis on assets and groups, and correlating them with their threat mechanisms, helping to calculate and reveal pre-incident cyber risk metrics.

For Skybox solutions, you can get support from our experienced sales team and our competent technical team in the field of information security technologies in the 23 years of assurance of Prolink.


Network and Data Security

It is important for companies to ensure data security as a whole. Ensuring data security, which is extremely important for both companies and users

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It can be provided effectively with the policies to be created on the device or software.

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Data Storage and Backup

Controls should start with the provision of controlled access to company resources at the outermost layer, and in this context, they should contribute to the effective use of resources.

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